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I wish Polygon had more Vainglory coverage

I wish Polygon had more Vainglory coverageI finally tried it a month ago and dang it's a blast. It doesn't have the item depth of the big desktop MOBAs, but it's perfect for mobile. There's lots to learn, do, and experiment with, and the community is pretty darn huge. I'd love to see more coverage here.

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You owe it to yourself to try Battleborn

You owe it to yourself to try BattlebornIt really is a gem of a game, basically a MOBA-turned-shooter with a ton of variety, creativity, depth, and humor. Besides the PvP there are single and co-op story missions and a ton of good lore. There's a bunch of new maps with more coming, and they've already released three of five extra characters (fourth is coming Sunday I think). If you have a Redbox around, try renting it. Totally worth it.

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Pokémon GO tips en tricks – Gen 2 update!

De Pokémon Go app is dé hotste game van het moment, en er zijn talloze tips en tricks over hoe je het beste kunt jagen op Pokémon. Pokémon GO - Gym Battles, Type Chart, Teams en Prestige PointsKun je Pokémon kopen en ruilen? Je krijgt Stardust en Candy in Pokémon GO door Pokémon te vangen, alsook een Candy als je een Pokémon naar Professor Willow stuurt. Candy krijg je door Pokémon te vangen, maar ook door onbenutte Pokémon te transferren naar de Professor. Voor nog meer tips en een beschrijving

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Inside the nostalgic dreamscape of Virginia

It's impossible to talk about the haunting, gorgeous adventure game Virginia without mentioning its strongest influence, Twin Peaks. "We certainly perhaps over-relied on referencing Twin Peaks and nostalgic references," said Jonathan Burroughs, the narrative designer on Virginia. A boy's strange disappearance befalls a tight-knit Virginia community, sending the detectives out on the case, but this is no simple whodunnit. Virginia is a game full of quick cuts, disorienting setting changes and, mo

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