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One Night in Karazhan is Hearthstone’s next adventure, adds 45 new cards

As mentioned above, Hearthstone's new add-on is titled One Night in Karazhan. With 45 cards added, One Night in Karazhan will join the previous adventure, League of Explorers as the most card-packed in the game's history thus far. For a one-time fee, you can guarantee that you're able to get all 45 cards — assuming, of course, that you can defeat said battles. The one-time fee I mentioned is $19.99, which is what it costs to purchase One Night in Karazhan in full from the in-game shop. That's ri

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Hardcore WWII shooter, Day of Infamy now available on Steam Early Access

New World Interactive, the developers behind the modern military shooter, Insurgency have released their WWII shooter, Day of Infamy into Steam's Early Access program today. Like Insurgency, Day of Infamy specializes in hardcore, close quarters skirmishes with First Person Shooter mechanics, but this time, players will be taken to many iconic locations of a war gone by. Day of Infamy is not built for casual shooter fans either, as it requires pinpoint precision and teamwork to come out on top. T

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Shooters need more characters like Overwatch’s Ana

There’s lots to like about Ana, the first new character added to the roster in Overwatch. And without the trappings of a cool setting or tech toys, the gun fights in many shooters can start to feel rote. Because I love playing shooters, but I also don’t want to play the same experience reskinned on a different engine. Bringing an original character like Ana into the mix means a meta shift in the game. If you’re good enough with Ana, do you need another sniper or another healer on your team?

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Pokémon Go in Central Park: A real life Pokémon journey

Central Park is the highest trafficked park in the United States. But lately, New Yorkers and tourists alike may notice a higher concentration of people across the park; that's because it's become a Pokémon Go player's utopia since the game launched earlier this month. On Sunday, July 17, we attended a Facebook-organized meetup for players in the tri-state area to come together and catch Pokémon at New York's most popular hunting ground. The day was plagued by server outages, a frequent problem

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The true cost of Counter-Strike skin gambling

He says skin gambling has exacted a big price from his family. But with competitors like Overwatch out there, would it be getting new fans [every day], aged 15 and younger, without the skin gambling? Clearly, big companies that previously tolerated skin gambling have come to the conclusion that it's a toxic issue. With skin gambling sites closing, Kelsey says she likely won't move over to cash gambling sites to bet on esports. Reckoning with the bill With the big skin gambling sites closing down

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Pokémon GO – Den ultimata guiden med de bästa tipsen

Pokéstops och Candy Ibland när du är på språng och kollar på spelet (titta alltid på vägen!) ser du en symbol som ser ut som en blå Pokéboll. Detta är en Pokéstop och om du är nära nog kan du klicka på den. När du springer på en Pokémon så trycker du på den för att fånga den. Du kommer få båda två när du fångar en Pokémon, och på Pokémonens statusskärm kommer du se en "Power Up"-knapp.

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Song of the Deep guide

Song of the Deep is the story of a woman named Merryn on a rescue mission. It exists in the Metroidvania sub-genre of action games, a term reserved for adventures designed in the tradition of Metroid and Castlevania. Like those classics, the more you play Song of the Deep, the more its sprawling maps and serpentine leves unfurl. Song of the Deep rewards those who take the time to explore its watery world on their way to rescue Merryn's father. In this guide, we'll show you how to make your way t

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