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The games of E3 2016: What we expect, company by company

2K Games2K Games/Hangar 13Now that Battleborn is out, you can expect a big push for Mafia 3 and Civilization 6 at the show. But with The Climb now available, might it be time for Crytek to show off its big PlayStation VR game Robinson: The Journey at this year’s show? RockstarRockstar hasn’t made a big appearance at E3 in many years, so don’t expect anything from it on the show floor. SonySony keeps saying The Last Guardian is still coming out this year, so now seems like the time to show it in

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Skylanders Imaginators hands hero creation over to players

The past five years have seen giant toys, toys that can swap parts, capture enemies in traps and race vehicles. While Skylanders Imaginators won’t allow players to use vehicles in the game’s campaign, it will include the tracks and racing from Skylanders: Superchargers, which was developed by Vicarious Visions. The Skylanders Imaginators starter pack will sell for $74.99 and includes two senseis, one creation crystal, a portal of power and the game. Last year’s Skylanders: Superchargers was Vica

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What to expect from E3’s PC Gaming Show

The inaugural PC Gaming Show was perhaps the single most excruciating event to be broadcast live from last year's E3. With events like BlizzCon and E3 itself garnering more attention for properties like World of Warcraft, we expect Blizzard will take a similar approach to the PC Gaming Show this year. Cloud Imperium will not be participating in the PC Gaming Show despite agreeing several months ago to do so. TaleWorlds Entertainment Those who've followed PC gaming over the last decade will no do

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Overwatch review

As a multiplayer shooter, Overwatch follows in Team Fortress 2's footsteps pretty closely, sticking with simply defined objectives in matches. Overwatch the latest in a long string of hero-centric action games that have been dominating the video game world these last few years. In the world of Overwatch, lone wolves are left to die. But, more often than not, these characters feel unique within Overwatch itself and are extremely fun to play. These hurdles are particularly tricky to overcome when

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E3 2016 for Bethesda: Facts, rumors and speculation

Emboldened by the success of its inaugural E3 press briefing in 2015, Bethesda Softworks is returning to Los Angeles this year to make it an annual event. Will Bethesda jump the gun on a big game announcement again, as it did by unveiling Fallout 4 the week before E3 2015? Bethesda and its parent company, ZeniMax Media, own a few game studios and franchises that have been sitting on the sidelines for some time. The safe betsWe don't have any inside information, but it's safe to assume the presen

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Hands on with Civilization 6 … as the Emperor of China

Me being the Emperor of China and her being the Pharaoh of that one other notable civilization, Egypt, I just assumed we'd get on famously. Barbarians are tough in early Civ 6. I resolved to win back the admiration of my darling neighbor by creating quite a few early military units. The Creator of Civilization Games If you're a fan of the Civilization games, check out Polygon's recent interview with series creator Sid Meier. I get the sense that money is not so tightly controlled in early Civ 6

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Recommend a projector for Xbox 360

Recommend a projector for Xbox 360Can anyone recommend to me a projector to work with an Xbox 360? Is there anything I need to know about setting this, like projector resolution and cables etc. My mum has ordered me this projector screen that measure 84 inches and I need to buy the projector. I have about £500 to spend, no more than this though.

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E3 2016 for Nintendo: Facts, rumors and speculation

For E3 2016, Nintendo has one thing on the brain: The Legend of Zelda. This is the first time the game will be playable on E3 showfloor — and, in keeping with this year's Zelda-mania, it's the only playable game Nintendo is bringing. As this E3 will be our biggest look at The Legend of Zelda yet, let's recap some of the facts. In 2015, Nintendo delayed the game to 2016 and decided not to show it at E3. Rumors and speculationAs with any E3 (or big upcoming game, for that matter), there are a fair

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