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Fox News calls out The Division nerfs

Looks like someone is getting steamrolled in the Dark ZoneFox News has painted a number of entities their enemy and while they have targeted video games for their violence from time to time – they have never targeted a game for nerfs… At least until Fox News' Red Eye host Andy Levy was given the opportunity to have a small rant. During a segment aimed at informing 18-year-olds what skills they need to have, Levy read off bullet points written by Julie Lythcott-Haims. One of Haims' bullet points

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EVE Online Citadel Expansion gets two new trailers

The commitment it takes to succeed in EVE Online makes a World of Warcraft addiction look like a casual relationship. Developer has accrued quite the passionate following for their MMO Space-sandbox, and as such, there is considerable hype for the upcoming Citadel expansion, which will let players build giant cities that will be larger than anything built to date. The team also released a video detailing all of the feature players can expect to utilize in their cities which can be found here. Th

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IKEA VR Experience makes you a sad and lonely ghost

In early April, IKEA launched the IKEA VR Experience, and the internet veritably exploded. IKEA VR Experience is as minimalist as IKEA's aesthetics. It's a free app that sets you down in a fully furnished IKEA kitchen. The demo will end in August, but until then IKEA will keep taking feedback on the app and updating it. In the meantime, watch Griffin scream at me about the proper method for disposing of those sweet, sweet IKEA meatballs in the video above.

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Joss Whedon admits he did Avengers: Age of Ultron a disservice

In a recent interview conducted by Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk) at the Tribeca Film Festival, Joss Whedon confronts the controversy surrounding the Avengers sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron. While most consider the movie as a whole to be quite the accomplishment, packed with plenty of action, laughs, and reeling a whopping $1.4 billion at the box office, the general concensus is that it was a dissapointment considering the bar that was left so high by the first Avengers movie. Ultimately, how

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How Star Fox Guard blends Night Trap, tower defense and robot frogs

Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to Polygon on YouTubeStar Fox Guard is certainly the lesser-known of the two Star Fox games launching this Friday, but it's worth paying attention to. Some of those robots are real jerks, though, using shields to block your shots or smoke bombs to conceal their entry into your base. Some of those robots are tanks that want to shoot down your cameras, which is just rude. You can watch me and Justin play through a few levels — and create our own robot army — in Star Fo

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Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S+ vs. 2+ features comparison

Company: Game Idealist, Activity: Game Idealist, Date: 2016-04-19  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, games, game idealist, companies, edition, fighter, tournament, street, mad, features, vs, fightstickCompany: Game Idealist, Activity: Game Idealist, Date: 2016-04-19  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, games, game idealist, companies, edition, fighter, tournament, street, mad, features, vs, fightstick

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Watch us try — and fail at — the deliciously brutal puzzles of Stephen’s Sausage Roll

Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to Polygon on YouTubeAllegra and Jeff have been talking about Stephen's Sausage Roll nonstop for the past two weeks. They're not alone — the immensely cruel sausage-grilling puzzle game has longtime fans in designers like Jonathan Blow (The Witness) and Bennett Foddy (QWOP) — and yet others remained skeptical as they sang the praises of this odd-looking, odd-sounding game. In the video above, watch us play some of Stephen's Sausage Roll's brain-busting puzzles to get

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Stories: The Path of Destinies is way more fun than its boring name suggests

Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to Polygon on YouTubeI know poking fun at this game's name is barely fair, but we have to call out the elephant in the room. Stories: The Path of Destinies is a really fun game with the most generic name in the world. For the player, this means playing through the many branches of the story and making awful, awful mistakes that end in death. Watch the video to see my chop up some ravens with my huge sword. Stories: The Path of Destinies is available on PlayStation 4

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The great Grand Theft Auto lawsuit explained

Benzies was part of a three-man leadership team that steered the Grand Theft Auto franchise from 16-bit obscurity to global multimillion-dollar success. Rockstar's lawyers have responded by claiming that Benzies' lawsuit is "bizarre." But the litany of anecdotes and horror stories in Benzies' lawsuit paints a picture of corporate treachery. A jabbering wreck Benzies' lawsuit begins by claiming that Sam Houser's work on the early Grand Theft Auto games yielded distinctly mediocre results. He quot

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Quantum Break pre-order PC codes are finally being sent out

One of this years biggest games, Quantum Break, gave away PC versions of the game as a pre-order bonus, now the PC codes are being sent out to those who pre-ordered. The upset community demanded refunds for delayed codes, but those that held out are finally getting their PC Windows 10 codes for Quantum Break. Though the Quantum Break team said that the "first wave" is being sent out, so it might take a while for everyone to get their codes. First wave of Win10 codes are being sent now for those

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