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A letter to Santa from the first Star Wars Christmas

There was also what is quite likely the oldest surviving specimen of my handwriting, a letter to Santa Claus, my signed name bearing a W that was actually an upside-down M as I had trouble with that concept throughout Mrs. Dudley's five-year-old kindergarten. By fourth grade I learned what the deal is with Santa Claus, and he and I have been good on that since. It was clear this letter was written no earlier than December 1978. The year before, when Star Wars released, Kenner was caught flatfoot

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PlayStation EU is having a killer sale on Until Dawn, The Last of Us Remastered and more

PlayStation Europe has announced a buy one get one free promotion on the European PlayStation store for PlayStation 4 games. The deal includes some awesome games like The Last of Us Remastered, Until Dawn and Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition. The deal will be available between December 10th and December 14th, but the deal won't be automatically applied at checkout – you will need to do a little work. After adding any two PS4 games included in the list below you'll need to use the code J7P

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Microsoft warns Xbox users of possible security info leak

Microsoft has warned Xbox users that a certificate leak may compromise some account information. The leak was for a certificate that allows anyone who takes control of it to impersonate the domain. Attackers wouldn't be able to contact users, but would instead be able to intercept data sent to the website by essentially making a cloned secure connection and act as a middle man to the real All of your personal information is safe unless you hand over your name and passw

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Microsoft posts Black Friday weekend wins

Via their website:Xbox fans around the world spent a total of 325 million hours gaming on Xbox Live this past week. Hours spent playing games on Xbox One last week were up 196 percent compared to Black Friday week in 2014, and time spent using Xbox apps increased a whopping 321 percent. Hardware is hot this holiday – the Xbox One 500GB Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle was the best-selling Xbox console bundle. Gamers have logged more than 4 million hours playing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One si

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