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PlayStation Vita may die childless, but it changed Sony in time for the PS4

Gamers could then play the games they made (or ported) on certain Android phones and PlayStation Vita. At least right now, Sony's game makers have abandoned the PlayStation Vita. A HANDHELD WITHOUT GAMESWhen Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita, the hardware made sense. And would doing so have an impact on the PlayStation Vita? Now his job was to back the theory up and bring games to the PlayStation Vita.

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Welcome back to Halogon

Welcome back to HalogonWelcome back to Halogon, PolynautsThis is Halogon, where... uh well, we play Halo! It's the first time since Halo 4 that we've organised a Halogon event, but you're going to love it. First of all you should join our Polygon-based, Halogon Spartan Company. You can do so by signing in to with your Xbox Gamertag, and then after you send Halogon a request we'll approve it. Mingle, trade information, play and get ready for plenty of MLG 360 noskopez.

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Ark: Survival Evolved Multiplayer

Ark: Survival Evolved MultiplayerHey, I've been thinking about picking up ARK: Survival Evolved, but I can't tell what the multiplayer is like. Do you play cooperatively with a few friends, or is it a big competitive affair with strangers? Basically, I don't play online with strangers anymore, and I avoid competitive multiplayer most of the time. If it's about working together with my friends to tame and harness dinosaurs, that sounds great. I might even consider it if it's about trying to get m

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