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An annotated history of video game boss battles

Look back at some of the most memorable boss fights in games. When arcades were a powerful presence in gaming, boss battles were, amongst other things, a way to keep players from coasting through games. Bosses "can define a world, give it character and allow players to have a focal point when discussing moments within the game," says Kynan Pearson, creative director at Bluepoint Games. After plenty of time spent pondering, as well as talking to a few developers about their thoughts on the matter

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Confused Over Apple’s New iPad Pro!

Confused Over Apple's New iPad Pro! All I can say is that I was so stoked for Apple to unveil the iPad Pro after having my iPad 2 for so long and starting to feel that the device was turning legacy. However, I'm now wondering what place the iPad Pro has amongst other Macbooks and iMacs. I'm just not sold and was hoping someone on Polygon could shed some light on the iPad Pro and how this device should be used. I still have ample time to return them if someone can convince me that I'd be stupid n

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