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8 ways Wolfenstein 3D changed video games forever

Wolfenstein 3D, you see, is the tobacco-chewing, shotgun-cradling, vaguely inappropriate but highly charismatic grandaddy of first-person shooters. Faster, cooler, and more involved, Wolfenstein 3D was a stunning showcase for the advanced tech skills of dark coding mage John Carmack. And a whole bunch of their early foundations were popularised by Wolfenstein 3D. And although it had been around for a few years before Wolfenstein 3D was launched, Id's Nazi-pulping simulator sent it through the ro

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Broken Age on Ouya this month?

Broken Age on Ouya this month? Ok I know the Ouya is kind of a joke at this point so bear with me. Broken Age was one of them. I can't find any information to confirm or deny this anywhere (ouya website, unofficial Ouya forums, twitter, etc.). If it was just a mistake it seems odd that neither Ouya or Double Fine appear to have said anything about it.

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