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Always Sometimes Monsters Review: Always interesting, sometimes annoying

The indie game movement has brought about a surge of interesting, real-world experiences to the medium. Always Sometimes Monsters is at its best when it explores everyday life at its worst. Large portions of Always Sometimes Monsters shine as explorations of day-to-day American life, but it devolves into silliness more often than I preferred. Beyond that, there’s a general lack of polish that’s hard to ignore, even with a small indie game like this. Some odd story choices and hard-to-ignore issu

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Xbox 360 Games with Gold for June revealed

Every month, fans anxiously wait for the announcement of what their free games will be for that month, assuming they're subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. First up is Dark Souls. If you haven't yet played Dark Souls, this is the time to do it. Dark Souls has you traversing the realm of Lordran as a Chosen Undead in hopes of lifting the curse. Next is Charlie Murder, a game I admittedly never played, and hope to rectify that in June.

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8 ways Wolfenstein 3D changed video games forever

Wolfenstein 3D, you see, is the tobacco-chewing, shotgun-cradling, vaguely inappropriate but highly charismatic grandaddy of first-person shooters. Faster, cooler, and more involved, Wolfenstein 3D was a stunning showcase for the advanced tech skills of dark coding mage John Carmack. And a whole bunch of their early foundations were popularised by Wolfenstein 3D. And although it had been around for a few years before Wolfenstein 3D was launched, Id's Nazi-pulping simulator sent it through the ro

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Broken Age on Ouya this month?

Broken Age on Ouya this month? Ok I know the Ouya is kind of a joke at this point so bear with me. Broken Age was one of them. I can't find any information to confirm or deny this anywhere (ouya website, unofficial Ouya forums, twitter, etc.). If it was just a mistake it seems odd that neither Ouya or Double Fine appear to have said anything about it.

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