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Dishonoured / PS3 Trophy System Questions

Dishonoured / PS3 Trophy System QuestionsHey everyone--anyone? (The above is in case anyone is wondering about the nick-- anyway). So I completed Dishonoured my second time through without alerting anyone or killing anyone, and I didn't get the trophies for this 'achievement'. Is it more of a filesystem screw up on the PS3? In the case of the Dishonoured 'malfunction', the mission stats for each chapter in the original campaign show zero kills, and zero alerts.

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Looking for Game Suggestions

Looking for Game SuggestionsHello Polygoners! Nothing seems to catch my interest, and I'm looking for something to occupy my time. So I'm restricted to older games. I really enjoy sci-fi/fantasy games. Any suggestions?

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What are the best sports games on XBOX 360?

What are the best sports games on XBOX 360? As in the title. I've tried only FIFA and I don't like it too much. My friend has tried NHL 14 (on his XBOX 360) and says that it's the sports game ever. I cannot check it myself right now, because I'm on holidays far from home :)

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