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Rocksmith 2014 Review: Become a rockstar

At its very core, Rocksmith 2014 isn't as much a music game as it is a teaching tool. Rocksmith 2014 can simulate a bass sound using your guitar, and all you'll have to do is just play the first four strings. Pick up that guitar and learn some songsThe game is excellent at judging how skilled you are at playing guitar. Getting used to the note highwayIf you've played the previous Rocksmith, you're already a step ahead of everyone. Audio set up can be a painIf you're playing on consoles, chances

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iPad Air or iPad Maxi?

iPad Air or iPad Maxi? I heard that Apple might release a 12.9 inch (13 inch) iPad "Maxi" which is supposed to be a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop sometime in 2014. The "Maxi" has been a recent rumor now that Apple is utilizing 64bit desktop architecture in it's new 5th gen iPad Air (with the A7 processor). So what do Polygoners think about a potential "Maxi" tablet? I hear that there will be another iPad release mid 2014 but I'm not sure what kind of iPad will be released - another Air or

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Naughty Dog has ‘no plans’ to port The Last of Us onto PlayStation 4

Developer Naughty Dog has “no plans” to port over The Last of Us onto PlayStation 4, according to Community Strategist Eric Monacelli. Monacelli took to the PlayStation Blog Tuesday to announce the release of four new multiplayer maps for the blockbuster. He also fielded questions from commenters, including one that asked about the possibility of a port. If you’re looking to get in on one of 2013’s most acclaimed titles, it looks like you’ll have to do so on a PlayStation 3. Source: [PlayStation

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GTA 5 Cheats: Codes, guides and strategies for money, health, and happiness

Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 a few weeks ago, we've posted quite a few cheats, tips, strategies, and guides for all sorts of gameplay advantages. Whether it be cheats for unlimited health, tips for investing in the stock market, or guides to the real estate market, it's safe to say we've posted quite a bit. In the meantime, though, I thought it be wise to make a clear and concise post of everything we've posted regarding GTA 5. We are working on a comprehensive list of tips and strateg

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