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The birth and re-birth of Klei

Cheng introduces the Don't Starve team, a half-dozen artists and designers in their 30s and 40s. Nine months after Nexon shut down and left Klei both homeless and game-less, EA Partners signed Klei to finish Shank. The first version of Don't Starve was cobbled together over eight-hour workdays before the holiday break at the end of 2010. Klei self-published Don't Starve, so excluding the cut given to digital storefronts, the entirety of the money has gone directly to the company. She'll often ca

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Just making things and being alive about it: The queer games scene

Human Angle: Queer Games HUman Angle: Queer GamesThe rise of a queer games scene The rise of a queer games scene"Queer people have always been creating culture from the margins," insists Anna Anthropy, game developer and author. "I think making things that look like video games and play like video games and are very 'video gamey' video games is a really good way to trick people into becoming more enlightened, educated human beings." The growing queer games scene is focused more on communicating

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Anamanaguchi: The Ninja Turtles of Rock

In 2006, DeVito began helping Berkman as a bassist and live rig technician to make Anamanaguchi a real-deal live outfit. "Zack probably formed Anamanaguchi," Berkman admits. "This was the same universe I want to build in my emotion of good music," Berkman says. If we wanted to make an easy music video, this would not be it." All that's left is to answer the obvious question: If Anamanaguchi are living, breathing Ninja Turtles, then which turtles are they?

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Anatomy of a Cosplayer

A lot of the machinery in her workshop was purchased specifically for cosplay, Tysk says. "But if the cosplayer shows up and they don't have the weapon, it's kind of a let-down. On the brink of dumping her hobby, Tysk found comfort in photography. "I thought, I'm never going to be the greatest photographer, and I will never be a famous cosplayer, I should just quit." "They think, 'I'm never gonna be as famous as this other big famous cosplayer.'

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