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Test Drive: From Gamer to Racer

Now he races cars for a living, like he's always wanted to — and like he had practiced in racing game after racing game for years and years before. See, the GT Academy isn't just a big happy favor from Sony and Nissan; it's a reality TV show, too. The Pros The ProsAfter winning the Academy, Heitkotter was whisked right back to Silverstone to start Nissan's six-month "Driver Development Program." "I'm sure many people have heard the phrase 'video games won't get you anywhere in real life,'" Heitk

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Cloned at Birth: The Story of Ridiculous Fishing

Human Angle: Cloned at Birth Human Angle: Cloned at BirthAct One: You and I would call it stealing Act One: You and I would call it stealing Ridiculous Fishing was stolen. Gage has been working with Vlambeer on Ridiculous Fishing, helping port the Radical Fishing concept to iOS. Because after this, there's nothing to look forward to but the long ride back home — and finally finishing Ridiculous Fishing. Wohlwend moves in with Gage in New York City and the two buckle down to focus on Ridiculous F

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GTA 5’s The Epsilon Program rears its ugly head again

The Epsilon Program, the mock religious group in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series, is back again. The group's Twitter has ramped up its activity with a number of Tweets and Rockstar has released a new Epsilon Program screensaver. As explained when Rockstar first began viral marketing for GTA 5, The Epsilon Program is a satirical take on Scientology that was featured heavily in GTA: San Andreas while vaguely referenced in GTA 4. In the same post you can download and install the Epsilon Program

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BitSummit Rising: Japan’s Indie Ambassador

Mielke is the organizer of BitSummit, a conference designed to galvanize Japan's fragmented indie game community and introduce it to Western media. Human Angle: Behind Bit.Summit Human Angle: Behind Bit.SummitThe indie label The indie label Indie video games — those developed by small teams independently of the traditional publishing structure — are ascending in the United States. Meet Fish Meet FishPhil Fish is the 20-something creator of indie-puzzler Fez and one of the designers featured in I

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Ciji is a Robot Jockey with Something to Prove

Human Angle: Ciji Thornton Human Angle: Ciji ThorntonThe boxer The boxerThornton still owns every Guitar Hero and Rock Band game, and all of the knockoffs and imitations. He looked her up and found out she was a pro gamer, and they spoke over Facebook messages before meeting on the set in person. There's an old Xbox 360 squeezed into the desk's innards, for use when the old Guitar Hero bug hits. She wants to still be involved with gaming, but she knows she doesn't want to be a pro gamer forever.

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We Built a Booth

And then it will be time to unveil this year's Indie Megabooth to the world. It wasn’t so much a "booth" as it was one impossible-to-miss entity emerging from the expo hall’s concrete. "And I spoke to a lot of other indie developers, and said, 'Hey, would you guys want to band together and get one giant booth together?' Kelly Wallick, Megabooth "overlord""We embedded silver nanoparticles into fabrics to make them antimicrobial," Wallick says of the gig. That doesn't necessarily mean that the boo

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