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Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition detailed for Europe

Capcom has revealed and detailed the Collector's Edition for upcoming action shooter Resident Evil 6. As usual, the special edition includes your typical assortment of Resident Evil 6 goodies and tchotchkes including DLC codes, artwork, and a hooded sweatshirt all packed in a neat sounding collector's box. A must have piece for any fan of Resident Evil! Capcom hasn't yet confirmed the contents for the North American Collector's Edition, but you can probably assume it will be similar, if not iden

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Become the ultimate hunter in Crysis 3

Publisher EA and developer Crytek will release the first-person shooter Crysis 3 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in February 2013. Players assume the role of "Prophet" as he returns to New York, only to find that the Cell Corporation has encased it in a Nanodome. Seven distinct environments within the Liberty Dome become known as the Seven Wonders, and Prophet will need to use his composite bow, enhanced Nanosuit, and alien tech to survive. The game uses CryEngine 3 — which the studio used to power Cr

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‘Resident Evil 6’ Preview; 4-Player Co-Op Detailed

Thankfully, what Capcom was showing on the E3 show floor was something completely different — focusing instead on what everyone loves about this new Resident Evil approach: third person gunplay. It’s in these specific missions that two other gamers playing co-op will be able to join your co-op game, and help accomplish a larger goal. After that overly action-packed demo during Microsoft’s E3 press conference it was nice to see Resident Evil combat in the more traditional sense. What do you think

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