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Job listings suggest PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sequel is being developed

Nirolak on NeoGAF found two job listings that suggest SuperBot Entertainment is developing a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The descriptions of the two job listings specifically mentions PlayStation All-Stars numerous times. The two job listings are:Art DirectorA project such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which by definition brings together elements ranging from an incredibly wide range of artistic styles, requires a strong and unifying vision to present a cohesive and

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Review: Pid is a beautiful yet underwhelming puzzle platformer that’s easy to adore and difficult to enjoy

Such is the case with Pid, an undeniably charming and clearly lovingly crafted puzzle platformer from developer Might and Delight. That said, Pid employs a nicely paced method of storytelling and provides a plot that’s actually interesting and never overbearing. This is essential to progressing through the game’s world, collecting hidden trinkets, and solving puzzles. Pid is the type of game that requires you to trickily maneuver Kurt in ways that are incredibly difficult. Aside from the visual

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It’s Pretty Fun to Smash Wall Street With a Huge Robot.

This game is pretty fun overall. The first level seems to be just a tutorial and feels pretty slow and had quite a bit of down time there. Overall I really like Wall Street Titan. It's touchscreen controls are pretty darn responsive compared to some games I've played. I'd buy this game again as it's great for those times where you've got a couple minutes at a time to spare.

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Frontline Tactics is free on iOS

Originally available on Steam last week, Frontline Tactics has just made its way to the App Store. Frontline Tactics features strategy gameplay across single-player and multiplayer modes. Players who download it to their iOS devices will be treated to 1,000 credits for in-game purchases. If you're looking for some strategy gaming on your iPhone or iPad, the nonexistent price warrants you to at least check out Frontline Tactics. As for me, I'll be kicking myself because I don't own an iOS device

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Is it just me, or is The Last Exorcism better than The Exorcist?

The Exorcist has the same problem, taking two hours to build to the obvious conclusion, 'Hmmm, this girl could really use an exorcist.' At least The Last Exorcism has the good grace to ponder, 'Did the devil do it?' Director William Friedkin says The Exorcist investigates "the mystery of faith," but where’s the mystery? Father Karras (Jason Miller) almost loses his religion until a wanking antichrist vomits him back to God. The abuser in The Exorcist might as well be an alien or an evil robot; t

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CastleMiner Z is the best-selling XBLIG game with over 1M copies

The sandbox zombie survival game CastleMiner Z is still the best-selling game on Xbox Live Indie Games, and now it's pushed over 1 million copies in only 10 months. DigitalDNA's voxel game allows players to build and mine a hostile world, crafting items such as guns and ammunition out of materials in the environment. Thomas Steinke designed the original, CastleMiner, and released it in 2011, quickly following up with the sequel that same year. In addition to the two CastleMiner games, developer

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ArenaNet reopens Guild Wars 2 digital sales

When Guild Wars 2 first launched, ArenaNet promised they would do everything possible to ensure that players had a smooth launch and gameplay experience. To ensure the servers would not be overloaded with the initial wave of players, they limited the amount of digital sales. Shortly after launch, ArenaNet stopped the digital sales of Guild Wars 2. If you've been holding out to purchase your game digitally, you can now do so, as ArenaNet has made available the Digital Edition, Digital Deluxe Edit

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Sleeping Dogs wants you to investigate the seedy Hong Kong underbelly

This is an open world game after all so expect a lot of side missions that will no doubt tack on a lot of extra hours. If you'll be picking up Sleeping Dogs on the PC, you'll be treated to a lot of extras as far as graphics go. Looks like if you want the best looking version of Sleeping Dogs, you should be getting it on Steam. Look for Sleeping Dogs on August 14th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Developed by United Front Games in collaboration with Square Enix London Studios, SleepingDogs is

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Conan O’Brien adventures in Skyrim during his ‘Clueless Gamer’ segment

Conan O'Brien's "Clueless Gamer" segment is simply brilliant. For those unfamiliar, during this bit, the late night host, who has no video game knowledge whatsoever, tackles some of the industry's biggest titles and slaps a meaningless rating on them. While creating his Khajiit character, Mr. Buttons, Conan hilariously pointed out the "way too many choices" available in the game. "For a few minutes there we were in a wonderful, new world and now I'm doing my taxes," he joked. It's just one of th

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Oscorp Robotics Lab: Part 2 – GameZone

Dr. Connors (The Lizard) has been kidnapped by Dr. Smythe, time to rescue him from the Oscorp Robot Labs! Amazing Spider-Man Video Walkthrough | Oscorp Robotics LabStart by navigating to the star on your map, then breaking in through the vent on the ground floor. Go into the elevator the bots came down on, and gum up the fan to jump through into the tube. Toss the bots crawling through into the electric gizmos around the room to free Connors, then follow him into the next area. Smythe will grab

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