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[NSFW] Netflix pulls children’s TV show episode for having a drawing of a dong

I did NOT edit any images whatsoever, this is Maya the Bee Season 1, Episode 35. I know I’m not going crazy and I know that something like this shouldn’t be in a kids’ show whatsoever." The episode in question is Season 1, Episode 35, which Netflix has since taken down, but has not made a statement on the situation. The show is produced by Studio 100 Animation, a French animation studio while Netflix is only the distributor of the show. It's also unclear if Netflix will replace the episode with

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One of PUBG’s forthcoming new vehicles looks like an old Volkswagen bus

When Brendan Greene did a PUBG AMA earlier this week, he said the forthcoming new map will also feature three new vehicles. It will be a van heavily reminiscent of the ye olde Volkswagen Kombi vans. I mentioned we’re working on 3 new vehicles for @PUBATTLEGROUNDS in my AMA earlier this week. Today I’m excited reveal the first of these... pic.twitter.com/OkiDN3Me5QSeptember 22, 2017As for the other two, we'll have to keep waiting to see. In addition to the new vehicles, Greene hinted at a bunch o

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Play Gang Beasts for free this weekend

In the crowded field of local multiplayer games where up to four players can compete to pummel the guts out of each other through their faces, Gang Beasts stands out. Gang Beasts is still in early access but it's already hilarious. On Steam Gang Beasts is free to try for the weekend as a way of stress-testing its new server architecture, networking, and so on. This is a perfect opportunity to sample a game that made our list of the best local multiplayer games and our list of 12 PC games with am

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Everything’s a bit funny with the chunky pixels of The Darkside Detective

In the Indie GIF Showcase, we dig up the best-looking new and upcoming indie games and explore what makes them special. The Darkside Detective is a point-and-click adventure set in Twin Lakes City, where demons, the undead, and cultists are a regular problem. The Darkside Division are tasked with dealing with occult crimes in Twin Lakes, but there's only enough room in the budget for one detective: Francis McQueen. Creators Spooky Doorway released The Darkside Detective earlier this year, and it

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Blizzard is recruiting for Overwatch esports broadcasters

Blizzard is recruiting for its on-air talent team, specifically the on-air talent responsible for presenting forthcoming Overwatch esports broadcasts. "We're looking for charismatic broadcasters to join our already stellar talent pool to interview players, commentate matches, and analyze plays," the announcement reads. "The ideal addition to our team has exemplary social skills, a natural affinity for the camera, keen understanding of the game, and experience conducting upbeat and engaging inter

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