The Steam Summer Sale has officially kicked off; Sale details here

Earlier this week, Paypal did exactly what they do every Summer - leak the Steam Summer Sale dates. At this point, we shouldn't call it a leak, but more of a reveal from someone other than Steam. The Steam Summer Sale will actively be discounting games between June 22nd and July 5th and comes with a 'fun' sidequest to collect stickers for your Sticker Book. Each day of the sale brings new opportunity to discover stickers and will ultimately aid you in receiving your Steam Summer Sale badge. Here

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New GTA Online Independence Day content leaks online

Every year, Rockstar Games celebrates America's most iconic holiday, Independence Day, the day we celebrate the country's independence from the British. They release a wave of GTA Online content available for a limited time which includes all sorts of patriotic gear. Firework launchers, American themed monster trucks, whacky American clothes, and much more. If a leak is to be believed, this year Rockstar will be decking out all sorts of weapons with USA-themed camos. Stars & Stripes – $100,000Ea

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PlayStation VR is getting its first short film this week

PlayStation VR will expand beyond games this week with the release of its first VR short film: Ctrl. From production company Breaking Fourth, Ctrl is a film that puts players directly into the mind of a professional eSports player called Liam as he competes in a tournament. Get your head in the gameThe film is already available on GearVR (where it can be purchased for £1.49/$1.99), and was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival VR Showcase and Raindance Film Festival, where it earned p

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[WATCH] Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases 10 minutes of gameplay footage from E3 2017 demo

When Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was first revealed during the PlayStation Experience, there was a distinct tonal shift away from what we would normally expect an Uncharted game to be. That shift is something Creative Director Shaun Escayg has talked at length about as well. Whether that change makes up the bulk of the experience remains to be seen, but the E3 2017 demo that Naughty Dog brought to Los Angeles last week looks and feels a lot like your typical Uncharted fare. Have a look:The demo f

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Diablo 3’s Rise of the Necromancer pack launches next week

Blizzard Entertainment has finally slapped a release date on its upcoming Rise of the Necromancer DLC, and it's sooner than you might think. Exactly one week from today, Diablo 3 players will be able to strap in and get their hands on the highly anticipated Necromancer class alongside some additional in-game items. Earlier today, Blizzard released a new trailer breaking down everything you'll get in the Rise of the Necromancer DLC. It's also worth mentioning that Blizzard has revealed a few more

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Steam Summer Sale start date outed by Paypal

Twice a year, Steam takes its entire catalog and slashes the price on every game, bringing savings that are so often unmatched compared to other platforms. The Steam Summer Sale is almost upon us as the Paypal UK Twitter account has revealed that it will start later this week on June 22nd. The #SteamSummerSale starts 22/06 at 6pm BST and PayPal customers get an extra £5 off *terms apply. Paypal themselves are calling the announcement "official," so it's a pretty safe bet that you should have you

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Steam Summer Sale dates confirmed, the fun starts this week (Updated)

Update: A Valve rep has confirmed that the date indicated by PayPal is correct: The Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 22. Original story:The Steam Summer Sale dates have been revealed, and once again we have PayPal to thank. The online payment company said on Twitter today that the big sale will begin at 6 pm BST/1 pm ET on June 22. As Shaun noted at the time, the 2016 Summer Sale began on June 23, so even at that stage the date seemed like a good bet. (And since I haven't seen anything yet t

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Only headshots count in Killing Floor 2 this week

The sage advice in the early minutes of Shaun of the Dead is especially applicable in this week's Killing Floor 2 Weekly Outbreak, the temporary challenges running in unison with its free, horror circus-themed Summer Sideshow update. In "Cranium Cracker," players can only put down zeds with headshots, a test of marksmanship, especially for KF2's guns and character perks that don't emphasize single-shot accuracy. Beat Cranium Cracker, and you'll earn the "Headshot Weekly" skin for the Sharpshoote

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Save up to 75 percent on Rebellion games like Sniper Elite this week

Rebellion has plenty of games to its name, and the majority of them involve big guns. The developer is most known for the Sniper Elite series, you know, the one where you get the x-ray vision of bullets absolutely wrecking the insides of people. If you fancy some gory action this week, there's a Rebellion Sale on the Humble Store. You can get a hefty 75 percent off Sniper Elite 3, or if you're after the newer version, you can get 30 percent off Sniper Elite 4, or even 40 percent off the Deluxe E

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The Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer pack has a price, and is out next week

The much-loved Diablo 2 class, the Necromancer, is coming to Diablo 3 next Tuesday, available digitally via the Blizzard Shop on June 27 for $14.99 / £12.99. The Necromancer is a fully featured class with his/her own collection of skills, runes and passive abilities. The art team has clearly had fun reproducing the gothic vibe of Diablo 2's most iconic character. This is the first time Blizzard has added a new class as its own expansion for Diablo 3. In the meantime I've chatted to the Necromanc

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