This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming

The highsAndy Kelly: Wild open spacesAfter watching the trailer for Far Cry 5 and reading our first look , I am officially a bit excited. The outposts in the last few Far Cry games have been some of the most fun I’ve had in a PC shooter. Far Cry has always been a virtual photographer’s dream, and the brief glimpses we’ve had of the new setting so far hint at some pretty glorious scenery waiting to be snapped. A lot of major game series are being shelved or killed off lately, so I’m glad to see F

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Vanquish PC glitch deals out more damage at higher framerates

The PC port of Vanquish, released yesterday, is rock solid and fun with it: "A great port of an entertainingly subversive cover shooter," as Phil put it. "If you lock the framerate to 30FPS AR mode will activate after 6-7 seconds of taking enemy fire but if you're playing at a higher framerate, like 60FPS, it will activate in just 1-2 seconds." Animated GIFs are easy enough to fake, but a number of people have said in follow-up comments that they've had similar experiences with unexpectedly dead

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9 sweet Vanquish GIFs that show why the PC version rules

It would be a federal crime that there's no Vanquish 2: Slide Harder and no Vanquish 3: With a Vengeance. After making the best action game of all time, Shinji Mikami decided to wait a few years and then make the best action game of all time again. These gun transformationsThere's some stuff in the story about nanomachines and scanning weapons to transform your gun into these different states and blah blah blah who cares just look at how sweet these animations are. Quick time events that are act

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Finding Paradise, the sequel to To the Moon, has been delayed

Finding Paradise, the sequel to the 2011 tear-jerker To the Moon, has been delayed. "The other would be that the original projections were based more on To the Moon's production value, but I'm finding that things with Finding Paradise have been a lot more meticulous. "It felt kind of like training with my hands tied; and now that I could transfer what I learned into a full-fledged game akin to To the Moon, I'm trying to bring the best of both worlds to Finding Paradise," Gao said. A solid releas

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Far Cry 5 will support two-player co-op across the full campaign

A listing for Far Cry 5 that's popped up on Steam has revealed that it will support two-player co-op action against cult leader Joseph Seed and his siblings, the Heralds. And unlike Far Cry 4, where co-operative play was limited to side quests, Ubisoft said the two-player action in Montana will be available across the entire campaign. And while the promise of "a world that hits back" doesn't necessarily mean anything, it is intriguing, if only because the bad guys in previous Far Cry games have

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Jeff Kaplan acknowledges Overwatch Anniversary Event loot box complaints

The Overwatch Anniversary Event got underway earlier this week, and sadly, not everyone is happy. The complaints stem from the loot boxes that contain all that sweet anniversary swag—108 pieces in total, which according to Reddit's calculations (via USGamer) cost more than 56,000 credits to buy. To that end, game director Jeff Kaplan took to the Overwatch forums to acknowledge the problem and invite continued discussions about "rewards, loot boxes, and anniversary cosmetic items." "I just wanted

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Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy episode 2, ‘Under Pressure,’ is coming in June

Episode 1 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series did not make a super-good impression: "A meandering introduction" to a cast we're already familiar with, we said in our review, and "a poor fit for Telltale's simple quicktime events and stiff dialogue sequences." Can the second episode, entitled "Under Pressure," turn things around? Telltale announced today that June 6 is when we'll find out. "In 'Under Pressure,' the Guardians just can't seem to outrun the past (or their tab),

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Day9 may have just played the most ridiculous game of Hearthstone ever

"Oh my god, I'm going to vomit blood," proclaimed streamer Sean "Day9" Plott nearly 25 minutes into a game of Hearthstone that had already gone to fatigue five minutes ago. The game, which you can watch in its entirety above, is one of the most ridiculous examples of a Hearthstone match I've ever seen. It's a full 30 minutes long, but well worth watching the slow build of absolute RNG clusterfuckery. I don't want to spoil too much more, because it's really worth watching to see Plott navigate th

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Apex mission briefing hints at the arrival of the Quarians

EA may be taking a break from the Mass Effect series, but it's not walking away from Mass Effect: Andromeda. The video briefing playing above says nothing about it, but the more detailed breakdown at masseffect.com certainly seems to be hinting at the Quarian arrival. "I strongly recommend sending Apex to investigate this Remnant observatory and hack its systems for more complete data. My analysis accounts for attempted auto-translation by Remnant systems and data fragmentation." The Mass Effect

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Oculus Rift now has full room-scale tracking

Now when you put on a Rift headset and walk around, your movements will be captured and duplicated in VR. Oculus has been working on adding room-scale motion tracking for some time now, ever since its Touch motion controllers went on sale last December. Then two weeks ago, Oculus added room-scale motion tracking to its 1.15 update, which at the time was available for public testing. That update is now available as a stable release for all Rift owners, and as such room-scale tracking is now an of

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