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9 sweet Vanquish GIFs that show why the PC version rules

It would be a federal crime that there's no Vanquish 2: Slide Harder and no Vanquish 3: With a Vengeance. After making the best action game of all time, Shinji Mikami decided to wait a few years and then make the best action game of all time again. These gun transformationsThere's some stuff in the story about nanomachines and scanning weapons to transform your gun into these different states and blah blah blah who cares just look at how sweet these animations are. Quick time events that are act

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Finding Paradise, the sequel to To the Moon, has been delayed

Finding Paradise, the sequel to the 2011 tear-jerker To the Moon, has been delayed. "The other would be that the original projections were based more on To the Moon's production value, but I'm finding that things with Finding Paradise have been a lot more meticulous. "It felt kind of like training with my hands tied; and now that I could transfer what I learned into a full-fledged game akin to To the Moon, I'm trying to bring the best of both worlds to Finding Paradise," Gao said. A solid releas

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Computex 2017: what to expect from the year’s biggest computing show

Computex 2017 is next week, and the biggest brands and most die-hard fans in computing will descend upon Taipei, Taiwan. Speaking of which, we’ve been hearing plenty over the past few weeks of the next wave of AMD Ryzen processors, the Ryzen 9 Threadripper series. IntelThe one thing we expect to hear more about from Intel at Computex is its rumored Core i9 line of processors. Of course, the logic here is that Intel is preparing its defenses for the oncoming assault of AMD’s Threadripper Ryzen 9

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Golf Story looks like the Mario Golf/Stardew Valley mash-up I need right now

If you grew up on Nintendo handhelds in the '90s, you probably remember Camelot's unsung Game Boy Color adaptation of Mario Golf. It was more than just a golf game. Enter Golf Story, a golfing adventure from a small team called Sidebar Games, and it looks like everything I've ever wanted. Between this and Stardew Valley hitting Nintendo Switch soon, I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in retro-inspired updates to my favorite classic games. If all goes well, Golf Story should arrive on Nintendo Swi

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Far Cry 5 will support two-player co-op across the full campaign

A listing for Far Cry 5 that's popped up on Steam has revealed that it will support two-player co-op action against cult leader Joseph Seed and his siblings, the Heralds. And unlike Far Cry 4, where co-operative play was limited to side quests, Ubisoft said the two-player action in Montana will be available across the entire campaign. And while the promise of "a world that hits back" doesn't necessarily mean anything, it is intriguing, if only because the bad guys in previous Far Cry games have

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