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Nintendo clarifies Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon RPG, Yoshi and Kirby on Nintendo Switch as a ‘2018 and beyond’ release

Yesterday, an interview with Nintendo of America corporate communications director Charlie Scibetta revealed that Metroid Prime 4, the Pokemon RPG, Yoshi, and Kirby will be releasing in 2018. According to a newly added note, Nintendo clarified that Scibetta meant “2018 and beyond” when speaking on Metroid Prime 4, the Pokemon RPG, Yoshi, and Kirby. The current working title for Kirby is Kirby 2018, which suggests that this game might make the 2018 cut. The Yoshi game also came with a 2018 releas

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[Watch] Someone made Super Mario Bros. in AR and it’s awesome

If you've ever wanted to pretend that you were Mario in Super Mario Bros., you're in luck. You can live vicariously through Abhishek Singh, a man who built a level from Super Mario Bros. in Unity3D and played it in Central Park dressed up as Mario. The video is said to use absolutely no post-production, which means that what you see is what you get - all of this was playable in the Microsoft Hololens. Of course, there are limitations with augmented reality games. Abhishek has to walk around most

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Final Fantasy XIV Director Would Like Their MMO on Xbox One and Switch

Final Fantasy XIV has been having some ups and downs this week. “There’s still a lot of things I want to accomplish inside of Final Fantasy XIV. The interview took an interesting turn when he was asked about bringing Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. If Final Fantasy XIV actually comes to Xbox One, it could greatly expand the player base. If it launches on Nintendo Switch, it could set the precedent of MMOs on Nintendo Switch, which would be new ground to break on a Nintendo con

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[Watch] Digital Foundry broke down the Spider-Man PS4 Pro E3 Gameplay

Sony showed off a gameplay demo of Spider-Man during their E3 2017 presentation, which revealed that Spider-Man will run at 4K with a locked 30FPS on the PS4 Pro. The gameplay in the live performance was generally stable, however, there were slight drops in framerate during heavy moments. The game utilizes temporal injection, which simulates a true 4K image (key word being 'simulates'). Overall, the game looks stable - there are no pop-in textures and the shadows are stable and crisp. There are

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