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Steve Rattner on the investing landscape after the election

Steven Rattner, chairman of Willett Advisors, the investment arm for former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's personal and philanthropic assets, sat down with CNBC's Mike Santoli to discuss the investing landscape after the U.S. presidential election. I think in terms of investing around it, the market has made it clear that it prefers Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, which is an unusual choice for the market. But as you watch the market go up and down with the polls, I think that's relatively

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Scott Black says market is ’10 to 15% overvalued,’ reveals where to find opportunities

Value investor Scott Black, the founder of Delphi Management, a money management firm he started in 1980, says extended valuations could keep the market at bay. The Russell 2000 right now is 27 times earnings, and the Russell 2500 is 25 times earnings. So, again, you have to rely on individual stock selection," the money manager said. In this wide-ranging conversation, Black, who has over 40 years of financial and investing experience, reveals his top investment ideas, and discusses:Why his form

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Bethesda’s anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise

What publishers do with their code is their prerogative, of course, and the truth is we have no god-given right to early code. It's something many are willing to do, and often with surprising generosity (Nintendo stands out as a shining example, sometimes providing review code months rather than weeks ahead of launch). As for our coverage, Bethesda's move comes as part of an ever-shifting landscape we're endeavouring to adapt to, so it comes as no surprise and I feel we're well equipped to deal

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Pimco says ‘era of Fed watching’ is over, government stimulus must take over to save bull

Tony Crescenzi, a market strategist and portfolio manager at Pimco, a global investment firm with $1.5 trillion in assets under management, believes the era of Fed watching might be over. "The bottom line is that central banks have done about as much as they can to help the economies. It's really up to the national governments to start to take the hand off and do more, because central banks, in the end, can only print money. In this wide-ranging exclusive conversation for CNBC PRO, Crescenzi als

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Nintendo’s mini-NES is a tiny, beautiful dynamo

Let's start with the obvious: The NES Classic is small. But the most wonderful feature of the NES Classic is found in its settings menu, where players can choose from three different display modes. (The console comes with one replica NES controller that is compatible with NES Virtual Console games on a Wii or Wii U, and you can buy additional ones for $9.99 each. You can also use a Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro with the NES Classic.) While you make your decision, check out the

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One of the top fund managers of the decade is holding triple his normal cash position

Jerry Dodson, founder and lead portfolio manager of Parnassus Investments, an independent investment management firm with about $20 billion under management, believes market participants may be running out of investment options due to high valuations. "Right now the cash holdings of the Parnassus Endeavor Fund are 15 percent. But what's happening is, we are not able to find undervalued companies," said Dodson. The Parnassus Endeavor Fund is the top-performing large cap growth fund over the last

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This is what the Nintendo Switch looks like

Nintendo just announced the Nintendo Switch, the console previously known as the Nintendo NX. The Switch is a portable console hybrid, designed to be taken on the road or hooked up to a TV at home. The reveal video showed a lot of different shots of the system, so we've collected them here for you.

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